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Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

The policies, systems, and environments around us, including our communities, worksites, transportation systems, schools, faith-based organizations, and health care settings shape the pattern of our lives and our health. For example, the design and walkability of communities, the availability of low-cost fruits and vegetables, and the smoking policies in our workplaces have a direct impact on whether we walk to school, consume healthy foods and drinks, or are exposed to second-hand smoke.

Georgia�s Healthy Communities Program is engaging communities and mobilizing state wide networks to focus on chronic disease prevention. Communities are working to change the places and organizations that touch people�s lives every day�schools, work sites, health care sites, and other community settings�to turn the tide on the national epidemic of chronic diseases.

Today, chronic diseases affect almost 50% of Americans and account for 7 of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States. Chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and arthritis cause suffering and limitations to daily functioning. Preventable health risk factors such as tobacco use and exposure, insufficient physical activity, and poor nutrition contribute greatly to the development and severity of many chronic diseases. The Healthy Communities Program is helping to prevent chronic disease by working to reduce health risk factors and attain health equity.

Changing policies, systems, and environments to help make healthy choices easy, safe, and affordable can improve community health. Engaging with partners in education, government, planning and transportation, as well as the business and civic sectors is instrumental to achieving such changes.

Walkable Communities

This podcast is for a general audience and discusses the benefits of walkable communities, as they relate to health, the environment, and social interaction. Created: 4/18/2008 by National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), ATSDR.

Date Released: 5/8/2008.

Series Name: CDC Featured Podcasts.

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Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change in Action

Policy, systems, and environmental change related to tobacco control:

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