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�Individual health is closely linked to community healththe health of the community and the environment in which individuals live, work, and play. Likewise, community health is profoundly affected by the collective beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of everyone who lives in the community.�
Healthy People 2010

Georgia�s Healthy Communities Program is engaging communities and mobilizing communities and state wide networks to focus on chronic disease prevention. Communities are working to change the places and organizations that touch people�s lives every day�schools, work sites, health care sites, and other community settings�to turn the tide on the national epidemic of chronic diseases.

We provide technical assistance and training on developing and implementing policy, systems, and environmental changes to communities within Georgia to:

  • Promote physical activity and nutrition.
  • Reduce tobacco use and exposure.
  • Foster improved and increased access to quality care.
  • Help eliminate racial, ethnic, and socio-economic health disparities.
  • Reduce complications from and incidence of chronic diseases.
  • Build capacity for communities to perform this work.

Currently, the program provides technical assistance and/or funds to several communities and community organizations in Georgia:

  • Communities Putting Prevention to Work ARRA grant program to increase access to healthy foods in various communities around the state;
  • ACHIEVE communities to increase efforts to create healthier places to live, work and play;
  • Strategic Alliance for Health to promote physical activity and nutrition and reduce tobacco use and exposure;
  • Georgia Nutrition and Physical Activity program demonstration projects to combat the obesity epidemic in Georgia; and
  • Cardiovascular Health Initiative Faith Community programs to build community capacity around health improvement.

If you are looking to make a difference in your community, please contact us for more information.



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Live Healthy Georgia is an initiative sponsored by the Georgia Department of Public Health