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Community Tools

This section introduces you to a few tools and resources that will aid you in a start up effort for community engagement around steps to a healthier community.

Community Toolbox
This is a great tool to help you step by step in starting the work at the community level. It covers the following areas:

  • Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Building Leadership
  • Developing an Intervention
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Enhancing Cultural Competence
  • Advocating for Change
  • Influencing Policy Development
  • Evaluating the Initiative
  • Implementing a Social Marketing Effort
  • Writing a Grant Application for Funding
  • Improving Organizational Management and Development
  • Sustaining the Work or Initiative

Nonprofit Toolbox
This tool is great for a nonprofit organization. Created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it details the following processes that many start up and even established non profits can benefit from:

  • Conducting a Community Assessment
  • Delivering Training and Technical Assistance
  • Designing and Managing a Subaward Program
  • Going Virtual
  • Identifying and Promoting Effective Practices
  • Leading a Nonprofit
  • Managing Crisis
  • Managing Public Grants
  • Measuring Outcomes
  • Partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Working with Consultants

Surveillance of Policies and Environments Affecting Chronic Disease
This resource is a listing of policies and environments in Georgia that affect chronic disease.





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