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Live Healthy Georgia Community Resource Map


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About the Live Healthy Georgia Community Resource Map
Are you ready to make some healthier lifestyle changes? Find your closest farmer´┐Żs markets, free medical clinics, local health departments, smoking cessation programs, parks, local gyms, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, diabetes programs and resources and so much more on this map.

Guidance on Using the Mapping Features

How to find a healthy community resource:

  • First: Click on View Larger map and the map will open onto a new webpage
  • Second: Click on the layers link on the map to find the specific resource you are looking for!
  • Third: Check the boxes for the resources you are seeking
  • Fourth: Type in the address (do not only place zipcode, use city and state instead) for the closest resources in your area.
  • Fifth: Use the Zoom In or Out feature (the plus and minus buttons on the map) to identify the resources closest to you.


  • Legend: the featured list of community resources in Georgia
  • Print: print to a printer or create a pdf image of your map
  • Layers: the current list of all community resources in the database
  • Measure: measure the distance between your home and health resource or between resources
  • Bookmarks: choose a specific map view that you want to add to your favorites list
  • Share: you can share your searched map via email, twitter or facebook
  • Search box: type in your address (city and state) to identify the closest resources in your community

Current Community Resources listed on the Map

State Parks, Diabetes Self-Management (AADE Accredited) Program, Medicare Diabetes Screening Programs, Diabetes Education (ADA Recognized) Programs, Boys and Girls Clubs May 2012, YMCAs, Fitness Clubs, UPick Farms May 2012, Farmers Markets, Free Medical Clinics May 2012, Rape Crisis Centers - Locations are not specific, Cessation resources, County Health Departments, Supermarket Access Map (identifies areas with and without supermarkets)


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Live Healthy Georgia is an initiative sponsored by the Georgia Department of Public Health