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Live Well with Diabetes


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Diabetes is a serious medical condition that can be managed successfully. Although having diabetes or pre-diabetes is associated with increased risk for many serious complications including: heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, lower limb amputations and blindness, a person's risk can be reduced by keeping blood glucose (blood sugar), blood pressure, and blood cholesterol (ABCs) to recommended levels. Smoking cessation negatively affects the circulatory system and is also very important to reducing your risks for developing serious complications associated with diabetes.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common causes of kidney failure. Kidney failure can result in needed treatment including dialysis or a kidney transplant. The good new is that both diabetes and high blood pressure can be managed successfully.

Listed below are a few resources to guide you with reaching and maintaining your target levels (ABCS) in living well with diabetes and pre-diabetes.


Foot Health and Diabetes

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Additional Resources:

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Take Care of Your Heart.. Manage Your Diabetes


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