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Return on Investment (ROI): Leading and Cultivating a Healthier Georgia Workforce

Investing in tobacco prevention and cessation efforts are cost effective investments that can significant improving the health and wellbeing of your �hardworking� employees. Employees become healthier, and healthier workers miss less work, are more productive, and have lower health care costs.

Protect your employees and visitors from secondhand smoke. No amount of secondhand smoke is safe. Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke within your company�s environment offers several significant benefits for your company, employees and clients. Everyone in the company benefits when the air is clear of secondhand smoke�even smokers, some of whom will quit or at least cut back.

Take the first step in leading the way in Georgia by cultivating a thriving workforce and brighter tobacco-free future for your employees.


Smoking harms health from the very first puff. Learn more.

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